F. Pereira dos Santos | 2020-11-24

WG Q.1: Quantum gravimetry in space and on ground

Chair: Franck Pereira dos Santos, Observatoire de Paris-PSL, France
Vice-Chair: Michel van Camp, Royal Observatory of Belgium, Belgium


On ground, quantum sensors based on matter wave interferometry with cold atoms are very well suited for rapid and very precise gravity sensing. They can be used as registration instruments and as absolute gravimeters with sub-µGal accuracy. Mobile devices are developed for field campaigns and large-scale stationary devices for achieving extreme precision. While the former enable new strategies for local and regional gravity surveys, the latter will provide a new gravity standard in the future.

In space, the long-term stability and low noise level of quantum sensors will allow improving the spatial gravity field models in GOCE-type gradiometer missions. The determination of mass transport processes on Earth at low and medium degrees in GRACE-type missions will benefit from quantum accelerometers providing the measurement of the specific non-conservative forces. In addition, hybrid systems (i.e. a combination of electrostatic and atom-interferometric accelerometers) can cover a wider spectral range which will greatly support navigation and inertial sensing on ground and in space.

The goal of this WG is to elaborate the major benefit and most promising applications of atom interferometry for gravimetry and inertial sensing in space and on ground.


  • Terrestrial quantum gravimeters and applications scenarios (including airborne and marine instruments)
  • (Hybrid) accelerometers for space missions and spacecraft navigation
  • Atom interferometric gradiometry
  • Elaboration of further applications / space demonstrator (e.g. pathfinder) like atmosphere research, relativity tests, etc.
  • Elaboration of synergies between different science topics in a single mission (Earth observation and fundamental physics, navigation and space exploration, several scenarios for Earth observation, e.g. gravimetry, atmospheric research and magnetometry)


Olivier Carraz (ESA)
Yuichi Imanishi (U Tokyo, Japan)
Jeffrey Kennedy (USGS, USA)
Markus Krutzik (HU Berlin, Germany)
Marie-Françoise Lalancette (SHOM, France)
Thomas Lévèque (CNES, France)
Federica Migliaccio (POLIMI, Italy)
Roland Pail (TU Munich, Germany)
Ernst Rasel (LU Hannover, Germany)
Alex Rülke (BKG, Germany)
Steffen Schön (LU Hannover, Germany)
Shuqing Wu (NIM, China)
Nan Yu (JPL, USA)

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