Working Groups

WG Q.1: Quantum gravimetry in space and on ground
WG Q.2: Laser interferometry for gravity field missions
WG Q.3: Relativistic geodesy with clocks

Collaborations of the project

The new WGs will closely collaborate with other components of IAG such as IAG SC 2.6 “Gravity and Mass Transport in the Earth System” (Wei Feng, Wuhan China), IAG SC 2.3 "Satellite Gravity Missions" (Frank Flechtner, Potsdam, Matthias Weigelt, Hannover, Germany) and IAG Inter-Commission Committee on Geodesy for Climate Research (Annette Eicker, Hamburg, Roland Pail, Munich, Germany). Further collaborations, e.g., with ICCT, IERS, WG on IHRF, JWG on IGRF, etc. will be fixed after start.

IAG Events